Inbound Marketing for Dummies (like me)

Yesterday I attended a meetup for the Hartford Independent Creative Club. A guy named Michael from 710 Studios gave an excellent presentation on inbound marketing.

If you're like me (a n00b in the entrepreneurial world), you've probably heard this term "inbound marketing" getting thrown around.

 Michael from 710 Studios presenting at ICC

Michael from 710 Studios presenting at ICC

"It's the new school way of marketing!"

"It's the only way to effectively market now!"

"You're a moron if you don't know what this is!" (no one actually said that to me except myself inside my own head before I went to this meeting)

I will admit to you that I am not writing this to give you a crash course on inbound marketing. I barely know what I'm doing myself.

What I really want to do here is give you a reason to dive head-first into this thing. 

One of my favorite things Michael said was the key to what inbound marketing does:

Inbound marketing shows the world how your head works.

Potential customers are looking for a reason to choose you over the other however-many people are offering similar things all over the internet. When you show the world how your head works, you connect with potential customers in a personal, relational way, even if you can't have a face-to-face, in-person conversation with them. And that human connection is something that we all want and need.

That's why I'm getting excited about this whole inbound marketing thing, and that's why I think you should be too.

Want to know more about what inbound marketing actually is and how to do it?

Michael's studio has some great resources to start. 

And if all else fails, GOOGLE IT.